Critical Linking: April 26, 2012


“The term ‘young adult literature’ is inherently amorphous, for its constituent terms ‘young adult’ and ‘literature’ are dynamic, changing as culture and society — which provide their context — change.”

The only constant is change. That and hand-wringing about “YA.”


There are touch-screen enabled kiosks for browsing titles, as well as 3M’s own e-reader which can be checked out just like a physical book. And for those who want to borrow titles on their own device, 3M has a lending app that’s available for Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Nook, and Android — though Kindle devices are notably absent.

Feels like the future.


“Unfortunately, that demand for total immersion is something I seek from contemporary romances. I’m enormously, almost comically forgiving of factual errors in historical romances, but I’m not at all tolerant of people who don’t act or speak like people.”

I wonder if our willingness to forgive errors in fantasy/sci-fi/historical fiction contributes to these genres’ popularity. Stories set in the “real” world don’t get the benefit of the doubt.


A recent trend amongst literary hipsters (and aging literary hipsters) is to whine that reviews are “too mean.”

Really? The becalmed ocean of reviewing seems to me more toothless than fanged.



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