Critical Linking: April 25, 2012


The Australian director used Jay-Z’s tunes to break the ice on the set of his highly anticipated adaptation of “The Great Gatsby.”

We’re just boats endlessly rapping


I thought, I surely don’t want to become a writer to write sentences as simplistic and short as this guy does … If you want to be an ad writer and write ad copy, OK, short sentences are appealing. But it seemed to me to be a dictum and dulling.

You know what is a dictum and dulling? The old chestnut that Hemingway wrote short and simplistic sentences.


“I had thought about breaking DRM before, but had never done so. A key reason why I didn’t is that I want to honor the IP rights of publishers. The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized: I bought the book, and now I want to be able to read it on any device I choose.”

It’s so cute when publishing executives are transported to the 21st Century.


When someone is sick, you don’t want him to die; you want him to get well), I also think Amazon has been an enormous boon to readers and authors.  Does anyone really believe that, without Amazon’s innovations, readers would be paying less, or authors making more?  Or that there would be remotely as big and vibrant a digital and self-publishing market for books if Amazon hadn’t blazed the trail with the Kindle, the Kindle Store, and digital self-publishing?


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