Critical Linking: April 21, 2012


Most e-book retailers did roundups of Titanic books, Chou said. Nook and Apple included “A Night to Remember” in the Titanic roundups on their sites and Amazon included it in a Titanic e-mail sent to customers.

Price as of this writing on… Amazon: $8.54 | Apple: $9.99 | Barnes & Noble: $10.99 | Google: $8.54 | Kobo: $10.09 | Sony: $11.99

I’m rooting for you B&N, but you gotta do better on pricing than this. At least match Apple, wouldya?


“In her letter dated 24 May, 1813 (MA 977.31), Austen reports seeing a painting of how she imagines Jane Bennet, who marries Mr. Bingley at the conclusion of Pride and Prejudice. “Mrs Bingley is exactly herself, size, shaped face, features & sweetness; there never was a greater likeness. She is dressed in a white gown, with green ornaments, which convinces me of what I had always supposed, that green was a favourite colour with her.” Scholars suspect that the painting she refers to is the Portrait of Mrs Q by the French portrait painter François Huet-Villiers. Harriet Quentin was a mistress to George IV when he was prince regent. William Blake’s 1820 engraving reproduces the portrait.”

Cool. Just pretty cool.


As a guest in homes of strangers, I have discovered bathroom libraries that took my breath away by their size and intellectual pretensions. It was unclear to me whether Plato’s dialogues in original Greek, together with Marx’s The Communist Manifesto, Thomas Pynchon’s latest novel were there to impress the visitor, or in the case of another fellow who had a pile of memoirs by ex-presidents going back to Reagan, to make him laugh.

How did Charles Simic get in my bathroom?


College towns like Lexington, Madison and Ann Arbor fare the best in Kindle ownership.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the digital reading revolution is happening the fastest and most comprehensively on college campuses.

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