Critical Linking: The Most Read Stories, April 2 – April 7, 2012

The most read stories from the week in Critical Linking…


“So I called the 1-800 number* on The Jenkins Group’s website, and spoke with a very helpful gentleman, who informed me that erroneous information about this “study” has been floating around the internet, unfounded, for almost a decade.”

So that stat from yesterday’s Critical Linking about 42% of college graduates not reading another book after college? Looks like it just isn’t true.


When I think of the way my book shelves looked when I was 23, I realise they perhaps were no more about me than they were about a stranger I subconsciously imagined would one day visit my house. This stranger was an uncommon combination of extremely tasteful, hugely judgmental and ridiculously attractive.

That was your house I was supposed to visit?


“Practice reading a mixture of different genres, such as news, mystery, novels and non-fiction, to develop your skills at understanding different kinds of writing and their intentions.”

The answer to the “Should you read YA or literary fiction?” question is probably yes.


To explore this phenomenon, we asked an assortment of literary-inclined people to revisit the books they loved back in the day, the ones that make them absolutely cringe today.

So much hate for On the Road. It’s gone from overrated to underrated now methinks.


“Your book is literally open on my lap right this moment. Is that awkward? It’s always awkward for me when people say the same about my work.”

When a porn star says that, it’s not a double entendre. Just a regular old entendre.

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