Critical Linking: April 6, 2012


To explore this phenomenon, we asked an assortment of literary-inclined people to revisit the books they loved back in the day, the ones that make them absolutely cringe today.

So much hate for On the Road. It’s gone from overrated to underrated now methinks.


“The story will be called The End of All Things and begins: “Jasmine Blake thought she understood what love meant until the day she almost died.”

So Nicholas Sparks is asking for folks to help write a collaborative story. Luckily, he set the bar low with this saccharine, worn set-up.


Both the ABA and Powell’s Books indicate Google informed them on Tuesday it is cancelling their eBooks reseller partnerships as of January 31, 2013.

It is just me, or does it feel like Google is just sorta making it up as it goes along?


All those devices are turning some consumers into super readers, according to a survey released Thursday by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. E-book readers plowed through an average of 24 titles in the past year, compared with an average of 15 for readers of physical books.

Logical mistake here. Just because people who use e-readers read more than people who don’t doesn’t mean the ereaders caused the change. Probably just that nut-job readers are the first to get excited about reading technology.


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