Critical Linking: April 5, 2012

“So I called the 1-800 number* on The Jenkins Group’s website, and spoke with a very helpful gentleman, who informed me that erroneous information about this “study” has been floating around the internet, unfounded, for almost a decade.”

So that stat from yesterday’s Critical Linking about 42% of college graduates not reading another book after college? Looks like it just isn’t true.


“See, I like fiction that is based on “real” things. I loved the Percy Jackson series and the Kane Chronicles and The Heroes of Olympus books.  Now what? It seems to me that not nearly as many books are geared for boys, especially reluctant readers,  if you take a look at the books for girls. Not a lot of my friends that are guys read and maybe this is why? If people want boys to read more, write more books for us!”

It does seem to be a feedback loop: boys don’t read as much as girls, not as many books are aimed at boys, rinse, wash, repeat.


“Users would receive as many digital magazines as they wish for a flat monthly rate of $10-15, depending on if you want delivery of weeklies like The New Yorker. And just like Hulu, the user will be able to freely pick and choose which content to consume.”

Sign. Me. Up.


“One hundred years ago, the architect Ernest Flagg designed what might be thought of as the Apple store of its day: a sumptuous Beaux-Arts showcase for the retail business of Charles Scribner’s Sons, book publishers.”

It still is one of the most beautiful buildings on Fifth Avenue.

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