Our Favorite Comments: March 25 – April 1, 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they have to say just as much. Here are some of our favorite comments from the week that was.

“I’m saying it loud and proud: “I own a TV and I watch stupid shows on it, and I read.”

Glad someone finally said it. I will read whatever tickles my pickle and I am not ashamed to admit it could possibly be Dan Brown, on occasion. And I will never, ever, never ever never read ‘Madame Bovary.'”

by Thomas Lawson on  A Very UnSerious Reader, Indeed


“Okay, here goes – I am a 63-year-old guy (“dude” if you will) and have read all three books in the trilogy. Bottom line – I loved them all. The protagonist is a teenage girl – so what? It’s a good read. Dystopian fiction is more popular than many people realize and the fact is it isn’t exactly a recent genre. “1984” is dystopian and probably was the seed that begat the whole genre and who hasn’t at least heard of that? So if you’re a “dude” and not sure about Hunger Games, give it a shot. My guess is that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.”

by Dave Bates on A Dude’s Guide to The Hunger Games


“It’s Baz Luhrmann: I hope there’s an unnecessary song+dance number.”

by Rebecca on Poster for the new THE GREAT GATSBY Movie


“Is there a difference between reading a book because it’s popular and NOT reading a book because it’s popular? I stayed away from the Harry Potter books forever because I didn’t want to “buy into the hype,” but once I sucked it up and read them, I realized I was being just as silly as the Potter fanatics that annoyed me. Since then, I’ve just decided to read stuff I wanted to read and not read stuff I didn’t want to read without worrying about whether it’s popular or not.”

by Robert Bruce on The Loneliness of Being a Non-Hunger Games Reader


“I remember when the journals of Kurt Kobain were published how repulsed I was – but yet when Douglas Adams’ last bit of writing for the Hitchhiker’s Guide series was released, I was delighted. For me, I guess it depends on how personal the work is. And much like you and David have mentioned, there’s a bit of guiltiness and wrongness that goes along with reading something that the author specifically requested never be published.”

by Amanda McCoy on Where Do You Stand on Posthumous Publishing? 


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