Critical Linking: April 1, 2012

“I joined thinking all my worst fears would be true, that Twitter is full of idiots, self-aggrandizers, and narcissists. There’s some of that, but there are also a lot of interesting discussions and news whipping around. I’m a little hooked at the moment.”

Oh man, are people going to give Franzen flack for doing a 180 on this.


“Independent bookstores do things that we don’t and cannot do. They know customers and books in an intimate and informed way that our algorithms can’t replicate. These acquisitions will give us the best of both worlds.”

Amazon buying a dozen independent bookstores for research? “Resistance is futile”, sayeth the Borg.


“The study found that people who read more than 10 books a year live longer and have more meaningful relationships that the general population. However, they also tended to be extremely bad at sports and had a greater chance to be the targets of con men.”

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have: the facts of a reading life.


“I’m not saying that YA is dumb, just the people who read it. What revolution was ever started by a teenager? Don’t you realize that these authors are just telling you the same story over and over again? It’s like mad libs. Just switch out one weird name for another, drop in a love triangle, and mix in a conspiracy/tyrannical government.”

Maybe James Wood should stay away from the off-the-cuff interview remarks and stick to making us all feel dumb in the regular way he does.

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