Critical Linking: March 29, 2012


“Becoming a writer isn’t like becoming a doctor or a civil engineer, or a luncheonette that serves “the best coffee in town.” You don’t have to go through a seven-year accreditation process. If you want to call yourself a writer, all you need to do is finish writing something.

Do or do not, there is no “wannabe writer.” Yoda said that, so you know it’s true.


“Inside I found none of the mournful tones I had been expecting. Maybe it the expectation of Betty White’s appearance later in the week raised everyone’s spirits. Or maybe everyone was putting on a happy face to mask the pain within.”

No no no. Masked pain isn’t at the librarian convention; it’s at AWP and MLA. Easy mistake.


“If science fiction, fantasy, horror, and even relative new kids on the genre block such as steampunk are part of a centuries-long tradition of fantastika, then it’s even more important that they are positive in their representation of issues like gender and race.”

Familiar refrain, familiar flaw. Inclusion doesn’t mean “positive representation;” it means diverse representation. Good, bad, chaotic neutral, whatever. Just so long as there is range.


“I was curious to see if women were more likely to end up with a The __’s Daughter book than men, either because they chose the title themselves or because their editors chose the title for them. This called for a pie chart.”

I had a guess, and I was right.

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