Critical Linking: March 27, 2012


But Slow Books will have standards about what kinds of reading materials count towards your daily quota. Blog posts won’t, of course, but neither will newspaper pieces or even magazine articles.

Also excluded: non-literary books.

I pray at the altar of the literary too, but if you have a “quota,” you’re doing it wrong.


“But Marlantes’ books aren’t just memoirs. They’re warnings.”

As succinct a description as I’ve read of what Matterhorn and What It Is Like To Go To War are all about.


Think about it. How much value was I placing in those dusty 2,000 books I owned. Obviously, it was far more than their real value. The real value was in the words—in the action of reading—not in the physical books themselves.

But but but but…..[searches for a rationalization]


“You will not use our copyrights or trademarks (including Facebook, the Facebook and F logos, FB, Face, Poke, Book and Wall), or any confusingly similar marks, except as expressly permitted by our Brand Usage Guidelines or with our prior written permission.”

Oh, I’ve seen this movie. This is how they get the droids into Mos Eisely without being searched by Imperial troops.

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