Critical Linking: March 15, 2012


Look, a retailer should be able to sell whatever they want to sell, for however much they want to charge.”

JA Konrath, the only man in America, apparently, who probably would defend his cable bill.


“50 years ago, all you needed was a spy plane. Today you need something much more sophisticated–you need an editor.”

Believe or not, Malcolm Gladwell was not in a fugue state when he said this.


“One recent best-selling tome on regional cooking was produced entirely in a New York apartment kitchen, with almost no input from the author.”

What!? Well, at least politicians all write their own speeches.


“If Barnes & Noble want to truly compete with Amazon, they need to stop tilting things in favor of their friends in Manhattan. They need to stop treating self-published work with disdain…”

Yea, there are plenty of us to do that anyway.

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