Libraries of the Rich and Famous: Part One

As I’ve been unpacking boxes and realizing that I don’t even have enough bookshelves to put my books on, I decided to torture myself and look at homes of people who can dedicate an entire room to being a library (most likely with the help of an uber-expensive designer to organize and make it look scrumptious). Would you like to be tortured too? Brace yourself…

Karl Lagerfield’s Personal Library: Not as cozy as I would pick for my own, but I would pay money to look through those titles… that’s a LOAD of books, folks! Aren’t you the least bit curious what is on those shelves?


Diane Keaton’s Personal Library: Loving the lighting, loving the colors, the writing on the wall is pretty cool — but where are the chairs? I like to be able to sit down while perusing (or reading, for that matter). 


Woody Allen’s Personal Library: Although I’m highly disgusted when someone marries their daughter (please, people… he helped raise her – adoptive/step-daughter/what-ever-kind-of-name-you-put-in-front-of-the-word daughter equals daughter), his library rocks. It’s comfortable, cozy, and old-school east coast-looking; love it. 


Keith Richards’ Personal Library: This is a sweet personal library, but really… what did we expect from Keith Richards. I would really like to know what he has on his shelves. 


William Randolph Hearst’s Library: This is a dream of a library.  If it was mine, I would invite all of my friends over and we would have a big library party; everyone would be offered something to nosh on and then instructed find a place in the room and be super quiet while we all enjoyed devouring the books. Rocking party, I know… that’s how I roll. 



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