Critical Linking: March 14, 2012


“The Encyclopaedia Britannica will stop publishing its 32-volume print edition after 244 years and instead focus on its digital efforts, a watershed moment that highlights the changing fortunes of content producers in the internet era.”

Kinda sad.


“What we found (see below) was that the gender ratios of books published by these imprints are in a few cases almost identical to those of the publications cited in Vida’s survey. If the gender representation in major publications is to change, and we believe it should, then perhaps that also requires a shift either in the mindset of the more “literary” publishers, or a broadening of the books and publishers whose work is covered by the media.”

Well, there is one upside to this. We can stop blaming review publications for gender bias in the book business. The rest is pretty disheartening.


“If you’ve got a wide vocabulary, you can learn. The complexities of grammar, in themselves, force you to think about time in a particular way. Force you to widen your outlook on the world.”

So Jeanette Winterson is pretty damn cool.  Also, I now subscribe to American Libraries magazine.


“Oh, I would never put up with a man who did [insert gambling, cheating, etc.] and I think it would take a pretty weak woman to stay with him like the main character did.”

Yea, don’t say this. And the rest of these things too. Unless I am around and my video camera is charged. Then go for it.



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