Critical Linking: March 28, 2012

The exclusive home of the Harry Potter eBooks. 

Wait, there are people who haven’t read Harry Potter?


“The point is that a lot of editors toss review work to novelists because their byline looks good on a cover and novelists can generally be counted on to produce writing that will leave a reader awake (a challenge for too many critics). But a lot of them a) don’t want to offend potential colleagues; b) know what it’s like to read a bad review of their own work and don’t want to write one; or c) just don’t know how to write very good criticism.”

As the old saying goes, just because you can play, it doesn’t mean you can coach.


We would like the self to exist perhaps, but does it really? What is it? The need to surround it with a lexical cluster of reinforcing terms—identity, character, personality, soul—all with equally dubious referents suggests our anxiety. The more words we invent, the more we feel reassured that there really is something there to refer to.

Identity has an equally dubious referent as soul? Yea, try telling that to a victim of a hate crime.


“MESSMATE: One who eats at the same mess, companion or comrade.”

I wonder if this dictionary of slang from 1811 has a word for someone who reads the same kinds of books you do? TASTETWIN mayhaps?

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