Name That Author!: The Answer for February 29th

Time to reveal the answer to last week’s Name That Author!. But first, a recap of the clues:

1. A New York publication ran the headline: [MY NAME] CRAZY.

2. One of my most famous books was unpublished until my granddaughter gave the manuscript to one of my biographers, some 30 years after my death. 

3. My most famous novel, generally considered to be one of a handful of contenders for the title of Great American Novel, earned me less than $600 in my lifetime. 

4. The intersection of Park Avenue and 26th Street in New York City is name after me. (I lived close by for awhile. Cheaper neighborhood back then).

5. I often said that my life only truly began the day I joined the crew of a whale-ship headed for Liverpool.

And now….the answer.

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