Critical Linking: March 5, 2012


The question I’d ask every administrator and school board is, “Does the curriculum you teach now make our society stronger?”

Seth Godin is just arrogant enough to think he knows how to fix public education.


“Apple sees books as just another form of content that it can use to sell iPads and other devices, whereas Amazon sees devices like the Kindle and the Kindle Fire as ways it can lock people into its content ecosystem and sell them more books, movies and so on. But both are dependent on having users locked into their products, and so they make it as difficult as possible to move from one to the other.”

I don’t really see this. I can read damn near anything on my iPad, because Apple wants me to buy hardware from them, with content as a side business. Amazon has to lock me in because they don’t make money on hardware. I’d rather pay a premium for a premium device that gives me freedom to choose my content sources.


Forty-foot shipping containers stacked two by two are stuffed with the most enduring, as well as some of the most forgettable, books of the era. Every week, 20,000 new volumes arrive, many of them donations from libraries and universities thrilled to unload material that has no place in the Internet Age.

Whoa. Just…..whoa.


“Then Piggie asks Gerald if he too would like to say a word “before the book ends.”  “ENDS!?!” Gerald cries. “The book ends?!” Piggie replies that all books end. Gerald is stricken by panic, then existential dread.”

Remind me not to buy this book for any children I know. Unless I hate them.


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