The Week’s Most Popular Posts: February 26 – March 2, 2012

“One of my favorite parts was the discussion of “irregardless,” which has always annoyed me, and apparently it should, since I “care about language.”

From Why You Can’t Always Trust the Dictionary by Victor Wishna


“3.) They have magical cards that get them books for free.”

From How to Spot a Reader by Wallace Yovetich


“This lovely couple was photographed at the Library Hotel in New York City. Choosing two books that fit in perfectly with the wedding theme, they got creative and a little romantic.”

From Bookish Weddings: The Pictures by Wallace Yovetich


His goal is to publish books that might otherwise go unnoticed by more traditional publishing outlets and to do so in a cost-effective manner. They have published several works in translation from different parts of the world. Mortensen has also published several of his own books, including his 2010  bilingual photo/poetry collection,Canciones de Invierno, or Winter Songs.  (For the record, Perceval Press is not accepting submissions at this time.)

From Bookish Celebrities: The Men by Cassandra Neace


1. @MurakamiMeanings — You know how Haruki Murakami never really explains what all the weirdness in his novels actually means? And you know how there’s probably no definitive answer anyway? Well, this fake Twitter feed would answer the burning questions about just what in the hell Murakami meant.

From Top 5 Fake Book Twitter Feeds I’d Like to See by Greg Zimmerman


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