The Week’s Most Popular Posts: February 18 – 24, 2012

Our most popular posts from the week that was…

“This week, let’s talk decorating. First of all, decorating ANYTHING is fun time, but decorating a Ceremony of Luuurv is seriously fun. Especially when you have no budget (reference fake wedding). BUT even if you do have a budget, the delightfulness of many of these things I’m going to show you is that they can be done by you. Yes my pretties… DIY is the name of the game.”

From Bookish Wedding Planning: The Decorations by Wallace Yovetich


“1. Dewey Decimal ring: The best part about these rings is that they’re made from recycled library card catalogs that were rescued from the trash.”

From Book Fetish: Volume XVIII by Brenna Kalmer


“The only functioning family units Dahl gives us are of the furry or arachnid kind. Fantastic Mr Fox is not only worthy of that title for the way he fools the evil farmers, but for making raiding the chicken coop a fun activity for his whole family. And in James and the Giant Peach, it is the oversized insects within the massive fruit that give him the family life that death and cruelty, two facets of the adult world according to Dahl, denied him. Is it any wonder that the boy in The Witches chooses to remain a mouse, and live a much shorter life, than become human again?”

From The Roald Dahl Survival Guide for Kids by Edd McCracken


“We’re declaring May 8th “Toni Morrison Day” and the first official Riot Reading Day. “First” because we’re going to do this several times a year–pick a release we can’t wait to get our hands on, plan a bunch of content around it, and invite you to have a holiday with us. Heck, we’ll even write you an excuse note for work! Each Riot Reading Day will look different and will be tailored to the book and author we’re celebrating, and the selections will be as diverse as the writers and readers who make up our community.”

From Riot Reading Day: Celebrating Toni Morrison


“First of all, the Man with the Yellow Hat goes to Africa, captures a monkey, and brings him home to live in the city? Why would he do that?! Initially, the Man puts George in a zoo, from which George immediately escapes (because he wants to live in AFRICA), at which point the Man takes him home and assumes guardianship over him.”

From The Kid-Lit Creep Factor by Morgan Macgregor


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