The Week’s Most Popular Posts: January 26-February 2, 2012

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“Say you do have an hour to talk, in the flesh, with someone who has read a book you have recently read. You then encounter another problem: books are difficult to discuss. The best ones, the ones you are most likely to talk about, are complicated and dense. Names, details, and nuance fade all too quickly. Often, chances like these become gush-fests/slam-parties. I’m not saying we want these conversations to be graduate seminars, but much of the time it seems as if what we think and feel about a book eludes our ability to articulate it.”

From What I Hate About Being a Reader by Jeff O’Neal


“When I’m old and wrinkly and unreadable, I’ll still know what’s written there. I’ll be able to remember when I was 15 and foolishly in love with John Galt. I’ll remember the ridiculous and deep love I felt (and still feel) for my husband during the earliest years of our marriage. I’ll remember how, in my mid 20s, I felt both part of this world and completely an outsider. My books have articulated these impressions in ways I never could myself. My bookish tattoos are not about appearing a certain way to the world, or about being part of a subculture. They’re about defining myself and, when that self has unavoidably changed, remembering.”

From On Literary Tattoos by Amanda Nelson

















From How Do You Like Them Literary Apples? by Wallace Yovetich



Sh!t Male Romantic Leads Say by Dr. B.


23 – 29 points — You’re Indubitably Bookish. You are the universal bookish mate — you’ll mesh well with those below you, and you have the best chance of meshing with the Bookishly Obsessed, outside of other Bookishly Obsessed. Why? Because you’re easy-going and reasonable. Aren’t you? The Bookishly Obsessed may be too holier-than-thou for you, and the Bookish Amateur or Hump-of-the-Bell-Curve Bookish may not provide you with enough stimulation (mental, that is), but you can roll with the punches and do your own bookish thing.

From A Bookish Compatibility Test by Greg Zimmerman.


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