Our Favorite Comments: January 21-27, 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they say just as much. Here are a few gems from last week.


“There’s a bias in this study: assuming that readers are buyers. in my block, a neighbor read 165 books last year, all from the library. I read 99 and own only 4 of them, that I bought actually many years ago. As for the books I currently read, I found their titles on Goodreads: I’m doing a 52 countries reading challenge, and I look on Goodreads to find books by country. when I’m satisfied with a title, I go pick it up at my fantastic public library.”

By Ehc16e on Friday Forum: How Did You Hear About Your Current Read?


“Heathcliff or Catherine, but maybe I’m just prejudiced because I didn’t exactly enjoy Wuthering Heights. It also puzzles me when people name their children Romeo or Juliet. Did you really name your children after lovestruck teenagers who killed themselves after a week of knowing each other? Oh, and Amy. Yes, Amy March from Little Women. I could never stand her.”

By Brooke on Literary Names I Would Never Give My Children


“What an interesting idea! I think that it is up to book review sites like Goodreads, and the obviously-superior Book Riot, to provide these disclaimers. As readers, we need to build a community where we have each other’s best interests at heart, especially because the primary focus of publishers is to sell us a product, which we can only hope they believe in 100%. And who knows? Maybe publishers will get wise, and the most savvy will realize that honesty earns loyal customers. Or maybe eBooks will allow little sticky notes of encouragement (“keep going! only 20 more pages of necessary background information”).

By HannaK on Warning: This is a Post About Disclaimers


“I read “On the Road” when I was in the 6th grade (approximately 12 years of age). In fact, I got caught reading it during a free reading period. My teacher called my mother. He was rather shocked at her reaction since we attended the same church. She told him my reading material was not censored. He requested that I not return to school with it and she agreed with that. Years later I found out that it was a quite controversial book and had been banned many places. That had passed my notice at the age of 12. (P.S. I am a female.)”

By RMFord on Breaking Down the (Fan) Base


“When I met a certain author–whose name I won’t divulge–I remember refreshing my make-up, pushing my then boyfriend to the side, and finally gushing over said author like a 12 year old fangirl (I was 27 at the time). To top things off, I made the boyfriend take several pictures of us with the author’s arm wrapped around me. The relationship is now over but I still have those pics in a scrapbook.”

By Mimzay on Why Books Are EVIL!

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