Name That Author!: Episode 12…the Answer

Time to reveal the answer from last week’s Name That Author!. But first, a rundown of the clues in case you want to take one last shot at figuring it out.

Here we go:

1. My nom de plume comes from Latin and Irish derivations of my real name.

2. I had a noticeable, life-long stutter.

3. I was a brilliant, if somewhat distractible, mathematician.

4. My wild inventiveness did not stop with my fiction and poetry. I created an early version of something like Scrabble, a crude double-sided tape, and a gadget to help the bedridden read on their side.

5. I gave the first handwritten and self-illustrated copy of my most famous work to a child who shared my most famous character’s first name.

And now…the answer.

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