CRITICAL LINKING: The Most Read, January 21-27, 2012

The most read stories from the last week in Critical Linking…


“She says that when she announced her deal with Amazon this month, the ensuing criticism on Facebook and Twitter was so nasty that she stopped checking social media. “I suspected people would not be happy with this,” she says. ‘But I didn’t expect the vitriol.’”

You join the Yankees, you gonna get booed.


“The money paid to reviewers at publications like The New York Times is generated, at least in part, from ad sales paid for by traditional publishers. Thus far, traditional media have resisted reviewing indie books, probably at least in part because there is little or no money to be made.”

Uh, I think the editorial/sales walls at these places is not as porous as that.


“There were more books published this week than there were in all of 1950.”

Wow. But in fairness, they were recovering from this little thing called World War II.


“Principle Ways of Learning about New Titles. Book Blogs: 12.1%”

Book reviews are only 18.9% (go to slide 13 for this chart). This is why I’m not too optimistic about the previous story.


“How the New York Times figures its lists is nearly as secret as, say, the recipe for Coca-Cola.”

A heist movie in which a group of plucky debut novelists try to steal the formula for being a NYT bestseller. Think about it. Wes Anderson directs. Topher Grace, Zooey Deschanel, and of course James Franco.


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