Name That Author!: Episode 12

Welcome to  Name That Author!, a Name That Tune-style author-guessing game.

We start by giving you one clue, then one additional clue per hour through the afternoon. The first person to guess the author correctly wins a book of our choosing, and all other correct guessers will be entered into a drawing at the end of each month.

You can submit your guess using the form below after any clue, but if you’re wrong, you’re out for the week. So you’ve got to pick your spot. Too early and you might be wrong; wait until you’re sure, and you might get scooped.

**Be warned: if you Tweet your guess or leave a comment with your guess, you’re not only disqualified for this week, but for the rest of the month.**

Here we go:

1. My nom de plume comes from Latin and Irish derivations of my real name.

2. I had a noticeable, life-long stutter.

3. I was a brilliant, if somewhat distractible, mathematician.

4. My wild inventiveness did not stop with my fiction and poetry. I created an early version of something like Scrabble, a crude double-sided tape, and a gadget to help the bedridden read on their side.

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