CRITICAL LINKING: January 25, 2012

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


“In a move that is both cutting-edge and a throwback, the Chicago Tribune is introducing a new Sunday books section, to be offered to subscribers at an additional cost.”

Kudos for trying this. I give it one chance in five of working.


“Principle Ways of Learning about New Titles. Book Blogs: 12.1%”

Book reviews are only 18.9% (go to slide 13 for this chart). This is why I’m not too optimistic about the previous story.


“What I think is unproductive and short-sighted, though, is the attempt to proscribe reviewing, especially when those doing the proscribing are not, in fact, doing the bulk of the reviewing.”

An original point here: what authors want from reviews and what readers want from reviews are completely different.


“6). Intern assigned to company twitter feed”

Inside baseball, much of which I don’t get, but this one feels sorta true even to me.


“To be acceptable to a modern audience schooled in the primacy of reason, fantasy worlds had to be as rigorously logical, and as empirically detailed, as a national census that just happened to include Orcs, Balrogs, and Ents as part of its survey. ‘Fantasy is a rational not an irrational activity,” Tolkien argued. “The keener and the clearer is the reason, the better fantasy will it make.'”

This also explains why Dungeons and Dragons has like 2345298702 rules. And 20-sided dice.


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