Our Favorite Comments: January 16-20, 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they say just as much. Here are a few gems from last week.


“We both love books. I tried to prove to her that I could be careful with her books so I bought a trial book (a Nick Hornby novel) to pretend to borrow it from her. The idea being she would look at it after I read it and then I’d be allowed to touch her books.

I dropped it into the tub.”

–by JR on “How to Say ‘I Do’ to Shared Bookshelves Without Ruining Your Relationship”


“That Lightning Rods/Salvage the Bones pairing really threw me for a loop at first too, but it makes sense in the year of Occupy Wall Street to pit a novel skewering the “1%” up against a cast of characters near the bottom of the “99%.” I enjoyed both, absolutely loved Lightning Rods, but who knows which way it’ll go.”

–by vagunner on 2012 Tournament of Books: Surprises and Speculation


“What I’ve been gathering from this is that authors don’t consider a review they read on a website is the same as reading a review in a magazine, or if its someone’s personal blog about what they are reading rather then connected to say the book review section of Time magazine. Its sounds to me simply another example of certain people who don’t want to adapt to a modern means of doing something. As publications of magazines becomes less and less and the internet becomes more and more a source to get information, sites that review books or movies, or whatever IS how the public is getting their information out there, both in getting opinions, as well as providing them. I don’t think reading a review on Book Riot is any less valid as reading a review from The New Yorker. Your demographic may sway younger, you may present things with a more stylistic approach, but that does not make your reviews and opinons on books any less interesting or worthy of consideration as another’s.”

–by CardinalIron on “Authors, Bloggers, and When the Internet Feels Like A Low-Budget Horror Movie”


“I don’t remember my first books, but I do remember a meticulous list I kept the summer between fifth and sixth grade of the books I read. There was one Sweet Valley High book that I started but couldn’t finish because the deception in it (a girl falsely accusing her teacher of rape) made me uncomfortable. Instead of coloring in a full check box for that book, I did a half one and felt weirdly guilty about it the entire summer.”

by Harper Perennial on “Introducing: The Well-Readheads”


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