The Week’s Most Popular Posts: January 13-19, 2012

Our most popular posts from the week that was…


“How would our heroines deal with banal, everyday things like an annoying coworker or a website that won’t align properly or a car alarm going off? Or, in the flowcharts that follow, how would they cope with having to pay the rent?”

From What Would “Insert YA Heroine Here” Do? By Dr. B.


“This is akin to giving up your old apartments and moving into a fresh, new place where neither of you feels territorial or afraid of stepping on the other’s toes. Unless by a miracle of the universe you’ve met someone who organizes books exactly the same way you do, trust me–you’ll be happier arguing about a new system together than about whose previous system was superior.”

From How to Say “I Do” to Shared Bookshelves Without Ruining Your Relationship by Rebecca Joines Schinsky


“This does not mean that the classics do not have a place on the shelves.  It does mean, however, that we should not be trying to force the classics upon an unreceptive audience. Let them discover the classics on their own. Just because they were written first does not mean that they need to be read that way.”

From A Case Against the Classics by Cassandra Neace


“But I’m not talking (only) about quotes or idioms or allusions (“Achilles’ heel,” anyone?) or even clichés, but turns of phrase that are so much a part of how we communicate that they are used too much to be considered overused, and the origins of which we have long since forgotten, if we had ever considered them at all.”

From At Least Speak Like You’re Well-Read by Victor Wishna


“Before looking at the specifics of match-ups and judges, let’s just look at the whole board and try to pick the front-runners. First thing I notice: this is wide open. There’s no Goon Squad or Freedom like last year, or Oscar Wao or The Road in years past. There are some great books and big names, but handicapping the two or three titles with the best odds isn’t at all obvious, to the point that my standing “do not pick debut novels” might need breaking.”

From 2012 Tournament of Books: Surprises and Speculation by Jeff O’Neal


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