CRITICAL LINKING: January 17, 2012

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


“Do the people in charge of decisions about marketing books have such a low estimation of the reading public that they won’t even give them the opportunity not to choose literary fiction?”

Fitzgerald only earned $8,397 in royalties from The Great Gatsby in his lifetime. My point? ‘Twas always thus.


“If he does locate the bones, Prado hopes there will be further forensic evidence to settle other long-standing questions, like whether or not Cervantes really did drink himself to death, and what kind of food he ate as a child.”

Man, neo-historicism is out of control. What kind of food Cervantes ate as a child? We have to care about other stuff, right?


“More fluent, more generous than her friend Henry James, hospitable and a perfect hostess, she was not without her weaknesses, which she overcame by personal discipline, writing her way out of nervous vulnerability, including a breakdown and an inadequately reciprocated love affair when she was in her forties.”

What does “inadequately reciprocated love affair” mean? This is going to fester.


“All this focus on the ephemeral quality “good taste” also undermines those of Ms. Einhorn’s talents that have always been essential to successful publishing: a commitment to thorough editing and a lot of exuberant salesmanship.”

When someone really succeeds, it’s easy to chalk it up to talent and miss the combination of discipline and commitment. 


Jeff O’Neal is the editor of Book Riot. Follow him on Twitter: @readingape


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