CRITICAL LINKING: December 31, 2011

Critical Linking was on vacation this week, but a few things caught our eye. Here’s an intra-holiday edition.


“The manuscript, which was was discovered in the writer’s archive by his brother-in-law, came as a surprise to Kerouac experts, Ms Ward says.”

Hmmm. A novel about his time in the merchant marine. On the Sea, perhaps then?


“The bookseller sold Karl Marx’s Das Kapital in November  for $51,739. A signed first edition of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird fetched $25,000.”

Isn’t it a little strange that Das Kapital was the most expensive book Abe sold last year?


“The idea is to choose a novel that, looking back from a safe distance, seems most accurately, and eloquently, to speak for the time in which it was written. Other than that there are few rules. I won’t pick any stinkers.”

Good luck with that.


“The king’s voice was choked with anger.  ‘You are a worse pirate than Salladhor Saan.’

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think George RR Martin’s real blog was a fan fiction site. So 1995. So purple.


“Here is a list of some of the books that were released this year, and that kept us occupied during long commutes, plane rides, and downtime (what little of it we do get).”

My favorite technology site gives their own 2011 book list.

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