Name That Author!: Answers for Episodes 6 & 7

Last week, I forgot to post the answer to NtA #6, so today we have a double reveal.

First up, the clues from Episode #6 (answer at the bottom)

1. My greatest financial success was also the novel I wrote the most quickly, from start to finish in six months.

2. I began my career in newspapers after my father foreclosed on a local paper and I was left in charge for a few months

3. I was born in the South and did most of my most well-known work while living on the East Coast, but I will always be associated with the Midwest.

4. I won a Pulitzer in fiction, though for a work that isn’t one of my three most famous novels.

5. I was so moved by a trip to visit Mesa Verde in Colorado that I set a major portions of one of my novels on a mesa.

Done guessing? here’s the answer.


And here are the clues from last week’s episode:

1. I said that my biggest influence was Hemingway, and that I thought that might surprise some people.

2. I contributed to my college’s humor magazine, though I’m not known as a comic writer.

3. I famously wrote every weekday morning and read every weekday afternoon, the smell of the restaurant preparing lunch below my office marking the change.

4. I published work in all literary forms, save drama.

5. Though I am strongly associated with New York, I spent most of my professional life living in Massachusetts.

And here’s the answer.


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