CRITICAL LINKING: December 19, 2011

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


Middlemarch was written for a different era, and a different class of people. It was written for a leisure class with a great deal of time on its hands. I really tremble for its fate in the era of twitter.”

A fair point, but people still read The Iliad. If a novel can’t survive the vicissitudes of time, that’s the way that goes.


“Among the books he read: “Freedom,” by Jonathan Franzen ; “The Autobiography of Malcolm X ”; “The Blind Side,” by Michael Lewis ; “The Alchemist,” by Paul Coelho, and “The Alchemyst,” by Michael Scott.”

A football player learns to love to read while in prison. Not sure that it speaks well of college athletics that it took jail-time, but still a good story.


“Initial reviews of 1Q84 were respectful if not worshipful, indicating the status that Murakami has achieved.”

A reviewer doesn’t like 1Q84, then only cites other reviewers that agree with him to support his claim. Uncool. (Review GPA suggests otherwise.)


“She spent about $1,000 on marketing, buying banner ads on websites and blogs devoted to Kindle readers and a promotional spot on, a book-recommendation site with more than six million members.”

I continue to find this new world of publishing endlessly fascinating.


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