CRITICAL LINKING: December 13, 2011

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


“My feeling, from being out doing readings and so on is that it’s a pretty healthy time for serious writing – not a huge audience (but when has it ever been?) but very energetic and engaged.”

George Saunders doing a dictionary definition performance of “cautious optimism.”


Oh, wow.”

Joan Didion, proving that brevity is the best tactic for reacting to people who go a little nuts about a review.


“A television series, however, has the time to spread out and explore the byways and textures of a novel’s imagined world.”

Really, novels come across best in mini-series, as maligned as they are (they are the novella of the film world).


“Those who say the age of reading is over are either techno-doomsayers or should just stick to Angry Birds. In any case, I won’t pay attention to them, preferring to blog for the benefit of those for whom, in the words of Shakespeare, “my library was dukedom large enough.”

The New York Daily News jumps on the book blogging bandwagon.

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