Book Fetish: Volume IX

Bookish things for those with a fetish for books. See previous entries here.

1. French Novel Ornaments: The holiday season is officially here. If you are looking for a bookish way to decorate your tree, you can’t go wrong with these ornaments fashioned from vintage French novels.

2. Paperback Cologne: Demeter describes this scent as “sweet with just a touch of musty,” as it resembles an old paperback.

3. Books Planter: This indoor/outdoor planter features a stack of books that accompanies your herbs or flowers.

4. Penguin Deckchairs: I don’t know many people who would pass up reading outside on a breezy summer day lounging in one of these puppies. The deckchairs, inspired by the Penguin Classics covers, come in a variety of colors and titles.

5. Bookstop: This would come in handy when I am trying to read and eat at the same time. The reversible bookstop keeps heavy books open for hands-free reading.

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