Name That Author!, Episode 4: The Answer

It’s time to reveal the identity of last week’s mystery author. But first, for those of you who might have missed it, here is a run down of the clues:

1. I wrote novels, but they are not my most famous work.

2. An appearance I made while promoting by autobiography was picketed by a group of evangelical Christians because of a poem I had written eight years prior.

3. My grandmother’s first husband was killed at Harper’s Ferry with John Brown’s men.

4. I wrote poetry, novels, short stories, essays, plays, operas, musicals, children’s books, songs, and biography.

5. I testified before the House Un-American Committee and was exonerated, though I didn’t name any names. In the same year, I wrote an editorial defending Walt Whitman from charges of racism.

6. Alice Walker’s first published story appeared in an anthology I edited.

And the mystery author is……

Langston Hughes. Congratulations to Lucie P. on her win!

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