The Week’s Most Popular Posts: November 19-25, 2011

It was a short, sweet holiday week, but that doesn’t mean the Book Riot train stops rolling. (Be sure to vote for a charity for Book Riot to support and check out our Black Friday Buying Guide)

Here are our most popular posts from the week that was….


“My inexplicable lack of interest in YA means I totally missed the Harry Potter craze. When the books began to become really popular, I was 17- Too Old to Read Things That Are Even Slightly About/For Children, FOR I AM A GROWN UP. Once I got over that, the series had become longer and more complex, and I didn’t want to jump into the middle of a story. And then it was 10 years later and the phenomenon was essentially over, and I had missed one of the largest pop culture experiences in the last 50 years.”

From Late to the Party: A Harry Potter Experience by Amanda Nelson


“I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever read a more fully-realized character. Shields doesn’t portray Daisy so much as summon her. And even though pretty much nothing happens (this is a story about being ordinary), it’s a riveting work. Case in point: I got damn near misty when Daisy, in her signal life-triumph, gets a gardening column in her local newspaper. A gardening column. And yet I hadn’t emoted this much since Vader killed Obi-wan. Simply a stunning display from Shields.”

From The Top Twenty Literary Characters from the Last Twenty Years by Jeff O’Neal


“I avoided this book in high school because I was afraid I would be one of those teenagers who read way too much into it. I was in an odd place then. I am in a much better place now, but I continue to avoid the book because I encountered too many teenagers who identified with Holden Caulfield during my time teaching high school.”

From Three Books Not to be Thankful For by Cassandra Neace


“And while the qualification “who like to read” is possibly the broadest generalization ever, there are a few go-to books that you can pretty much count on to appeal to almost everyone.” 

From Swiss Army Recommendations (Part Deux) by Rachel






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