CRITICAL LINKING: November 24, 2011

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


“And I also solved a mini-mystery that’s always perplexed me, which is why so many adults read YA books. It turns out that YA, at least based on my tiny sample, is by far the best written genre. The only books that seduced me into lying down, pulling up the duvet, and actually reading them were two YAs.”

Not sure this 21-book experiment can mean anything, but a provocative observation.


“Time is the most valuable asset I have. The amount of time required to give the publishers a chance to make their money bank wasn’t worth the money to me.”

See, self-publishing makes all the sense in the world. At least if you have a billion dollars.


“The vampire is an outsider.”

Tell that to pop culture..


The atmosphere was chilly and clenched. People seemed to fear their supervisors. Not much chat, and when there was, it was not too interesting. People sent memos routinely using terms like “herewith” and “forthwith.” 

A bureaucratic dytopia out of Kafka, or behind the curtain of the publishing industry?

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