Name That Author!: Episode #2, Revealed

We tried to ratchet up the difficulty quotient for this week’s challenge. Before we reveal the answer, a recap of the clues:

1. One of my biographers confessed fear at the prospect of meeting me. 

2. I had to tell T.S. Eliot not to “dress” for a visit to my home, as he had the habit of wearing four-piece suits to any dinner invitation. 

3. Somewhat ironically, my writing room during the height of my career was actually a two-room extension, bought with the proceeds of my writing, and was separate from my main house.  

4. I once wrote in my diary: “all the world is mind.”

5. My sister did most of the cover art for my books

6. Henry James said that I was the descendent of a century of “quill pens and ink pots.”


And the answer is: Virginia Woolf.  Congrats to winner Carrie Dunham-LaGree, and thanks to all who played along!

(Note: These week’s clues came from Hermione Lee’s excellent, authoritative, and exhaustive biography, Virginia Woolf. )

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