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“So, since the Johnny Depp movie-ization of The Rum Diary — famous boozer Hunter S. Thompson’s novel about “violent alcoholic lust” — came out last week, let’s take a short, rather incomplete look at the good and bad, the ups and downs (that’s how it always is with drinking, right?) of the often funny, sometimes violent, but always entertaining relationship between booze and books.”

From A Short History of Booze and Books by Greg Zimmerman


  1. Never go it alone (unless you are a professional like Amanda – i.e. you read these books like the rest of us read the newest page-turners on the bestseller list).
  2. Care about which translation you are purchasing — it does matter.
  3. Don’t rule out the glorious audiobook. Most classics have been put onto audio.

From How to Read a Classic by Wallace Yovetich


“For this one, you need at least a cursory knowledge of the book (just characters and basic plot. See #1). Then, steer the conversation toward what a movie adaptation would be like. Who would play the main roles? Would it make a good movie? What’s the best adaptation you’ve seen? Don’t you just love SnoCaps?

See what I did there?”

From 7 Ways to Fake It at Book Club by Jeff O’Neal


“Hamlet dies. So does Don Quixote. Both Hector and Achilles die. And Sydney Carton. And Tea-Cake. And Jay Gatsby. And nurse Katherine. And Beloved. Characters that are at the center of readerly interest and value don’t always die in adult literature, but they always can. I’m not sure if this is the central thing that separates children’s literature from adult literature (or if there really is anything tangible at all), but it sure feels that way.”

From Why Ron Weasley Should Have Died by Jeff O’Neal


Nabokov’s Humbert Humbert, that consummate Dirty Old Man? Santa Claus, of course. The explanation for this one is easy. “So much lap sitting,” says Amanda.”

From Drop It Like It’s Haute: Happy Lit’Oween by Rebecca Joines-Schinsky and Amanda Nelson

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