Our Most Popular Posts: October 21-28, 2011

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“But I’m here to tell you DFW is actually the most accessible “difficult” writer you’ll ever read. And easily the most insightful. And probably one of the funniest, too. He’s my favorite writer of all time, and I think you’ll love him.”

From Reading Pathways: David Foster Wallace by Greg Zimmerman


So My Obsessive Self (the one that comes out when I want-something-right-now-or-I’ll-have-a-fit, and some would describe as my 3 year-old side) decided it needed wanted some new useful bookish apps – I set off (and by “setting off” I mean I plopped my butt down on my cozy couch under a warm blanket, and picked up my favorite toy — a.k.a. my phone) to find what I was desiring.

From The Four Bookish Apps You Need to Have Right Now by Wallace Yovetich


“Considering that the more articulate among us only use about 20,000 words naturally—even Shakespeare’s works contain “only” slightly more than 30,000—it’s not too shocking that we might encounter a new word every day (technically, we could learn a new word or a new meaning every minute for a year and we would still have a ways to go).”

From The Best Word Ever (for this week) by Victor Wishna


All of my papers are available in academic libraries, save two letters which my spouse sealed after my death. They are scheduled to be made public on February 13, 2013.

From Who Am I? by Jeff O’Neal

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