CRITICAL LINKING: October 29, 2011

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


“In 1980, publishing’s awards went Hollywood — with results disastrous enough to ensure it would never happen again.”

The short, sad, screwy story of The American Book Awards. Feels like something out of a parallel universe. Like one where Eric Stoltz plays Marty McFly.


If a customer tells me she’s looking for a book by a man and there’s a girl in it but she can’t remember the author or the title, I give her Lolita.”

You gotta love indie booksellers.


“John Adams, to me, is a Hufflepuff through and through. Bureaucratic, an upholder of Laws, lifelong statesman, and a Unitarian to boot, he seems exactly what Helga Hufflepuff had in mind.”

It’s not the list of U.S. Presidents sorted into Hogwarts houses you need to read. It’s the plangent squabbling in the comments you need to read.


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