Who Am I?: Guess the Author, Enter to Win a Book

This is pretty simple (but not easy, we hope). Take a look at the below facts and try to guess who the author is. Email your guesses to community (at) bookriot (dot) com. Random drawing of correct answers will determine who wins the mystery book prize, which may or may not be related to the author in question. Entries will be accepted through Friday, October 28. 

  • My father misdiagnosed himself as having lung cancer, but he really had diabetes. This went untreated until he had to have his foot amputated, and he eventually died from complications from the resulting surgery.
  • My mother was 21 years younger than my father.
  • During my junior year in college, I was given electro-shock treatments.
  • I worked for a time in the psychiatric ward of a hospital, transcribing patient histories, which often included their dreams.
  • I won a Pulitzer Prize, but it came after I’d already been dead 19 years.
  • You’ve heard of my most famous work, but you probably don’t know that I published it under a pseudonym.
  • All of my papers are available in academic libraries, save two letters which my spouse sealed after my death. They are scheduled to be made public on February 13, 2013.
So….who am I?
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