CRITICAL LINKING: October 26, 2011

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.

In September 2009, before the launch of the iPad, in an interview with David Pogue of the New York Times, Jobs said that Apple doesn’t see e-books as a “big market” and speculated that the Kindle wasn’t selling well. He also implied that the e-reader was a losing bet as a device since multi-function devices would be more popular and also serve as e-readers.”

He was wrong about the size of the e-book market. Looks like he will be right about the device market though. So many of the roads in our modern world lead back to Jobs.


“‘Stand with your back to the kitchen counter, and put the sharpest knife you have on the edge of it,’ said one. ‘Keep reading, and if you start to fall asleep, you’ll get stabbed in the bum.'”

Survivor: Extreme Reading is a reality TV show I would watch.


“I forget that critics are part of the production and marketing process; that their first job is to label and categorize what they call the product, or what people in business call the product.”

Sorry, if you are the director of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop you are “a person in the business.”


“In the span of just 176 pages, Malcolm raises and obliterates almost every question I’ve ever had about the meaning (and reality) of interviewing.”

Before becoming hipsterdom’s alpha-critic, Chuck Klosterman was one hell of an interviewer, so this is high praise indeed.


Any links caught your fancy?

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