CRITICAL LINKING: October 13, 2011

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


“In a culture dominated by film and television, all literary novels are so obscure as to be virtually invisible, and books that seem ubiquitous to people embedded in the publishing world are anything but to those who aren’t.”

I’ve only read two of the National Book Award finalists in fiction, and I’ve read more than 50 new American literary novels this year, including all of the AAA titles. Imagine how people who don’t do this feel when they look at the list.


“Right now anything made for the iPad is like performance art. I’m not interested in performance art.”

You’re not alone, Art. Performance art is like fruitcake; no one likes it, but people still keep making it for reasons no one really understands.


“But there’s one way, however, in which Madeleine defies believability: She has no true female friends.”

I don’t get it. There are hundreds of novels about men who don’t have any true male friends, but if Eugenides writes about a woman with no true female friends, the novel is somehow fraudulent.


“The American Booksellers Association is exploring the possibility of bringing its own e-book reader to market in the United States.”

Here’s what I know: if the bully is stealing your lunch money, you don’t fight back by wearing the same sneakers that he does.


Any other interesting links floating around out there today?

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