Critical Linking, October 10, 2011

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


“As its rivals steadily asphyxiate, Amazon is ringing up 50 percent growth in quarterly revenues, and could reach $50 billion in sales this year. Walmart needed almost twice the time—33 years—to cross that threshold.”

Remember in Wall-E that there was this one giant company that controlled everything? Well, at least we’ll all have hover-recliners.


“This year, many betters thought an Asian writer was due for a win, as the Academy has never awarded the prize to a writer from that continent.”

This is going to come as news to Gao Xingjian.


“A curated collection of material for fans of Marilynne Robinson.”

This, my friends, is how you use the internet. (via Alexander Chee)


All Hallow’s Read is a tradition started by Neil Gaiman last year, and it consists of simply giving someone a scary book for Halloween. As the website’s FAQ explains, the books are not meant to replace Trick or Treating, but to complement it.”

Awesome. Hmmm. The scariest book I can think of….ah, THIS.


What are you reading to start the week?

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