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20 Gifts Perfect for Romance Readers

Picking just the right Christmas gift for someone  is never easy, and for bookish loved ones it’s twice as hard! You can always turn to the old gift card standby (after all, everyone loves free book money!) but sometimes you want to do something a little more specific. If you’ve got a romance reader in your life (or you’re a romance reader and looking for the perfect Christmas gift for yourself—I won’t judge), and you want to make sure you pick something that celebrates their favorite genre, this list is for you!

“Around the House” Gifts for Romance Readers

A beautiful bookmark is always a welcome gift for any bookworm, and an inexpensive option for givers with a small Christmas budget. This romance bookmark is both pretty and practical!

romance bookmark romance reader gifts

These romance novel mini-book wine charms are too cute! Perfect for book club nights.

romance novel cover wine charms romance reader gifts

I love this James Griffin romance cover art magnet, and it’s a great way to celebrate the beauty of the genre’s classic clinch covers. There’s a second magnet as well, if you want to make a set!

james griffin romance novel cover art magnet romance reader gifts

Looking for a gift for someone who is a romance reader and a baker? These are technically Pride and Prejudice cookie cutters, but the silhouettes are general enough that these cookies could be any of their favorite (and delicious) romance heroes and heroines.

pride and prejudice cookie cutters bookish baking romance reader gifts

This set of 24 postcards celebrates the vintage romance cover art of Enrique Torres Prat. They’re colorful, beautifully painted, and postcards are great multipurpose gift! I love to stick them up on a wall like an art mosaic.

vintage romance novel cover art enrique torres prat romance reader gifts

Not a fan of Prat’s work? Pay homage to the early day of the genre with this set of 17 Vintage Harlequin Cover Postcards from before the days of the mighty clinch cover.

vintage harlequin romance novel cover art postcards romance reader gifts

Bookish Candle for Romance Readers

Okay, four different types of candles, Jessica? But hear me out: you could mix and match them with other things on the list, or make an epic romance genre candle Christmas basket!

Described as “a very mild and gentle blend of honeysuckle, silk, cashmere, and tea” (what does silk smell like?), this Historical Romance candle is perfect for the dedicated historical romance fan! All it’s missing is the ever-present hero smell: Bergamot.

historical romance bookish candle romance reader gifts

You scream, I scream, we all scream for our favorite romance tropes, and for strawberry and champagne scented Romance Trope candles.

romance trope bookish candle romance reader gifts

Scented with champagne, pear, and pear blossoms, this Epic Romance candle will sweep your giftee away.

epic romance bookish candle romance reader gifts

This Romance candle is scented like raspberry, cherry, and sugar which frankly sounds like something I’d like to eat, so I’m going to bet it smells almost as good as a new book. It’s also available in 8 and 4 oz sizes!

romance genre bookish candle romance reader gifts

Mugs for Romance Readers

Know someone who’s tired of having their romance reading criticized in favor of books written by old dead white men? This “I only read the classics…” mug might be for them.

romance genre bookish mug romance reader gifts

Do not get between a romance reader and her book, especially if her “Hell hath no fury” mug is full of unconsumed caffeine.

hell hath no fury romance genre bookish mug romance reader gifts

This (somewhat defensive) mug is for the romance reader who is definitely not late to every morning appointment because they were up late reading that shiny new release. Definitely not.

up late reading romance genre bookish mug romance reader gifts

Not a fan of the romance tropes candle? (How dare you.) This “My Favorite Romance Tropes” mug is super cute and features that all-time favorite: the fake engagement.

romance tropes bookish mug romance reader gifts

This last mug is for the paranormal romance fan in your life, and all their beastly or fangtastic book boyfriends.

paranormal romance bookish mug romance reader gifts

Jewelry for Romance Readers

This romance comics bracelet is probably the most expensive item on this list ($80), but it was too pretty not to include. All the images are taken from retro 1940s romance comics and it’s decorated with Swarovski crystals.

1940s romance comics bookish jewelry romance reader gifts

On the other hand, this romance novel bangle bracelet is a charming (and much less expensive) option. I particularly like the heart shaped glass charm with the flower.

romance novel bangle bracelet bookish jewelry romance reader gifts

A simple but lovely little cuff to represent all those fictional boys that make the heart go pitter-pat. (And, let’s be honest, book boys really are better.)

romance genre cuff bracelet bookish jewelry romance reader gifts

As necklaces go, this romance novel necklace is pretty uncomplicated, but I love its little book charm and red glass heart!

romance novel addict necklace bookish jewelry romance reader gifts

The last but certainly not the least, this “romantic” necklace will let your friendly neighborhood romance reader show off their favorite genre.

romance genre necklace bookish jewelry romance reader gifts

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