20 Classics in 4 Emoji (Or Fewer)

Nikki VanRy

Contributing Editor

Nikki VanRy is a proud resident of Arizona, where she gets to indulge her love of tacos, desert storms, and tank tops. She also writes for the Tucson Festival of Books, loves anything sci-fi/fantasy/historical, drinks too much chai, and will spend all day in bed reading thankyouverymuch. Follow her on Instagram @nikki.vanry.

There’s been a spate of bookish emoji posts over the last few weeks. Slate covered some great first lines of classic novelsBuzzFeed gave a fun run-down of the book emoji world.

We thought we’d jump in on the action with our own Book Riot spin, of course. Since the Apple Watch will be showing off its own condensed (animated!) versions of emoji, so too could we condense.

So too could we make emoji stronger through simplification.

So too could we make sense of long-winded classics in four emoji or fewer. (Okay, yeah, we’re totally the only ones doing such a ridiculous thing, natch.)

1. 100 Years of Solitude: 100-years

2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream: midsummer 

3. Anna Karenina: anna-karenina 

4. Animal Farm: animal-farm 

5. Atlas Shrugged atlas-shrugged 

6. Beloved: beloved 

7. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: fear-loathing

8. Grapes of Wrath: grapes-wrath

9. The Great Gatsby: great-gatsby

10. Les Misérables: les-miserables

11. Lord of the Flies: lord-flies 

12. The Lord of the Rings: lord-rings

13. Mrs. Dalloway: mrs-dalloway

14. Of Mice and Men: mice-men

15. The Old Man and the Sea: old-man-sea

16. Pride and Prejudice: pride-prejudice 

17. The Stand: the-stand 

18. To Kill a Mockingbird: kill-mockingbird 

19. Ulysses: ulysses

20. Watership Down:  watership-down

Yeah, we went there. You got some of your own?