16 Libraries That Look Like Hogwarts IRL: Critical Linking, November 30, 2018

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16 Libraries That Look Like Hogwarts IRL

We know your inner Hermione is tingling.

I love looking at good looking libraries


Through all the library’s changes and historic moments, Whitt said, she’s still a traditionalist about one thing.

“There’s nothing like the smell of a new book,” she said. “You would think because I work in a library I wouldn’t buy, but I do.”

The longest serving employee in Baltimore is a library worker, and this piece about her and the history of the library is great Friday reading. 


“We have a significant Iraqi community here in Minnesota, and one of the Iraqi-Minnesotan community members had approached us, Ali Alshammaa, and had wanted to send a couple books in a suitcase,” Belt Saem Eldahr said.

Over six months, the organization collected 10,000 university-level books, mostly from Minnesota. In the international effort to restock the library in Mosul, the shipment from Minnesota is the largest to date.

Doing good things! 

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