15 Phenomenal Bookish Ornaments

I’ve been ornament shopping lately, ladies and gentlemen, and I have found myself happily lingering in the bookish ornament section at Etsy. Let me share with you some of my favourites I’ve come across.

1. Is there an Outlander fan on your list? These made me swoon and I’m not even into the series!

outlander ornament series

2. I volunteer as holiday tribute, if the prize is this Hunger Games-inspired ornament.

hunger games ornament

3. I like this tiny leather journal. I wonder what a Christmas tree writes about in its diary? “Dear Diary, the cat climbed me again today and the dog looks like he needs to pee.”

leather journal ornament

4. Is there a teenager in the vicinity of your tree? Well, there will be now.

TFIOS ornament

5. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Christmas tree of good greenery must be in want of a scented Jane Austen-themed sachet.

jane austen ornament

6. Slightly obsessed with this garland of the Shakespeare play of your choosing.

shakespeare garland

7. And if Shakespeare’s not your bag, this garland can be made from the rescued vintage novel of your choosing.

vintage novel garland

8. What could be more apropos than strips of A Christmas Carol curled in a delicate glass ball?

a christmas carol ornament

9. Attention Tolkeinites: this ornament is made from an upcycled copy of The Hobbit, and looks fit for Bag End.

the hobbit ornament

10. These Harry Potter character ornaments are the bomb. I kind of love Ron Weasley even more as a bauble.

harry potter bauble

11. This To Kill a Mockingbird ornament isn’t just for the holidays, but I think it would adorn any reader’s tree exquisitely.

to kill a mockingbird ornament

12. Here’s one for those of you who still desperately love Kerouac and the Beats.

kerouac ornament

13. This book cover ornament is fully customizable (but let’s face it: Hemingway is always a hit at the holiday party).

hemingway ornament

14. For the comic fan, these flowering bauble ornaments are made from the classic comic of your choosing, from Captain America to Garfield.

comic book ornament

15. And finally, a list from me would be incomplete without an Anne of Green Gables ornament to finish things off.

anne of green gables ornament

I’m sure this list isn’t exhaustive. Have you found a particularly readerly ornament lately? Share it in the comments!



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