15 Perfect Bookish Wedding Gifts (For Any Budget)

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Brandi Bailey

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Wedding season is upon us yet again! That means gifts. Fret not, though, because I’ve got you covered with 15 perfect bookish wedding gifts for all of your celebratory, gift-giving needs. While I’m not opposed to weddings – I had one, I like celebrating happiness, and if there’s free cake and booze you can count me in! – the whole gift giving thing can be stressful. The best gifts tend to be the ones that are not only perfectly suited to the recipient’s personality but also reflect the personality of the giver. Personally, I like to give gifts that are just a teensy bit impractical, the sort of things that people don’t think to buy for themselves. Even if you’re not attending a particularly bookish wedding (they are the best though, aren’t they?!) you can still give a gift that reflects your (and hopefully their) love of reading while flawlessly conveying all the best wishes you have for the happy couple. After all, if they like you enough to sweat over your place in the seating arrangements and, you know, include you on one of the most important days of their lives, they deserve the best.

"No matter what happens... We still get cake right?" -Joey

Under $25 (Perfect for office buddies, childhood friends, not-so-close relatives, or if you’re just not rolling in dough *cough* like me *cough*)

1. Library Collection Candles

library collection candle paadywax


2. Romeo & Julienne Chopping Board

romeo and julienne chopping board



3. Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets by Caitlin Keegan – Signed & Personalized By the Illustrator

signed love sonnets caitlin keegan



4. Personalized Sleeping Dachshunds Bookplatesdachshunds bookplate



$25 – $50 (This price range is perfect for good friends and cousins-that-you-actually-care-about)

5. Vintage-style ‘Love’ Definition Framed Art

love definition print



6. Table Book Clock

book table clock


7. Daniel Boulud Cocktails For Her & For Him (I’m sad that this gorgeous book set only comes in a hetero-coupled version, though.)

daniel boulud cocktails for her & him


8. Personalized The Story of Us Library Card Print

story of us library card




$51 – $200 (For your really good friends and siblings)

9. Two Hearts Cooking Set

two hearts cooking set


10. Old Books Rug

old books rug


11. Pride & Prejudice Throw

pride and prejudice throw


12. Personalized Bookshelf Poster Print

custom bookshelf print


13. Gold Ceramic Books Set

Gold Ceramic Books


14. Antigone Framed Print

antigone print samantha hahn



Over $200 (I’m going to assume that this couple is the dearest and nearest to you, or maybe are your children, or you’re making some insanely comfortable money, so go you!)

15. Fully Booked Tent

fully booked tent


*6/8/2015 Edited to clarify that Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets by Caitlin Keegan is signed by Keegan (the illustrator) and not Shakespeare himself.


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