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12 Rad Comics Artists to Follow on Instagram

Kristina Pino

Staff Writer

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It isn’t easy keeping track of all your favorite creators. They don’t all prefer the same social media platforms, if they use any at all. Or they use multiple platforms and post different things (or the same exact things in some cases) on each.

Now, I’m not saying that Instagram is the definitive, best place to go and keep track of your favorite artists, but it’s definitely up there. Why? Because IG gives you more than a look at their work – often, it includes work-in-progress shots, random musings, and glimpses at their lives outside of their art. And there don’t have to be 500 words attached to each image. It’s just a quick snapshot of what’s going on at the moment, and I love that.

In the spirit of getting peeks through windows, I’m going to share with you 12 comics artists you could stal– er, follow on Instagram, based on my personal interests as well as a few suggestions from fellow Panelteers. Feel free to add even more in the comments below. Also, it should go without saying, but this list is in no particular order. Everyone here is super rad.

James Silvani posts loads of fan art on the regular. A lot of it is Disney-related, and he attends many conventions. He’s super fun to follow, and even sometimes plays little scavenger hunts with fans by hiding original artwork at Disney Parks.

Stephanie Buscema has a fun and varied feed. On top of being an illustrator, she likes to get crafty – she even makes jewelry! I recommend this feed for things that’ll make ya smile.

Mahmud Asrar
posts works-in-progress as well as finished art, and even highlights other folks’ work he likes. You’ll also catch photos of his family and travels, which are always a treat. Steampunk Catwoman, though? So rad.

Danielle Corsetto
is the creator of one of my favorite webcomics, Girls With Slingshots. You would think her IG feed would heavily feature her characters from that strip, but it’s actually so much more. She interacts with her fans and followers in ways big-shot creators often can’t or don’t.

Dustin Nguyen
not only has a varied feed with art at all stages plus glimpses of his life, but as an artist with varied styles and interests, you’ll never get bored checking out his work. You’re gonna see fun, colorful, wobbly Adventure Time art, and you’ll see more detailed pieces featuring Batgirl. It’s all there.

Lucy Knisley
doesn’t stop at posting art or snapshots of her daily life – she includes thoughts and reactions to the process of creating the books themselves. It’s pretty rad seeing her inked pages as she works through her next release.

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Princess Zelda warrior redesign

A post shared by Kevin Wada (@kevinwada) on

Kevin Wada
posts art and dogs almost exclusively, making his short and sweet IG bio preeeetty accurate. Sometimes you’ll catch glimpses of him with pals or at conventions, but it’s mostly his gorgeous work. Just look at what he did to Princess Zelda (above)!

Camilla d’Errico
is an artist I know because of her sculptures, but she also illustrates comics. I love her fantastic and surreal art style and use of color, and I hope you’re as delighted by her work as I am if this is your first time seeing it.

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Mary Marvel #dailysketches

A post shared by Jamal Igle (@jamal_igle_artist) on

Jamal Igle’s
posting frequency is rather low, but his work is a delight whenever he does share things. I like the realistic style of his work, and how effortless he makes it look in black and white.

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Don't ya just hate when that happens?? #batgirl

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Babs Tarr
is super fun to follow, especially if you’re both a fan of Western comics and manga. She’s really into Sailor Moon, and she doesn’t just post her own finished pieces, but also teasers for what’s coming, and even draws self-portraits. Still though, if you’re into Batgirl, this feed is gold.

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The Gwen of Thunder

A post shared by Kristafer Anka (@kristaferanka) on

Kristafer Anka
posts often, both of his art and his life, including delicious foods. His captions are usually brief, which of course suits the platform very well. If you like following folks with healthy, active feeds, this is the one for you.

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to highlight Amy Mebberson. I consider her and James Silvani partners in crime, as they often collaborate and share spaces at conventions. She also hides artwork at the Disney Parks when the mood strikes her, and creates a rad web cartoon called Pocket Princesses. Amy is always busy, and she presents her work in various mediums. A true delight, and a great note to end this list with.


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