12 Dead Authors You Should Follow On Twitter

In an effort to preserve and/or satirize the words of great authors of yesteryear, many have set up Twitter accounts in their names. This list includes only active accounts (i.e. accounts that have been updated since the new year). There are a number of (sadly) abandoned accounts that are worth perusing (@AustenQuote, @EmersonQuote, and @ThoreauQuotes come to mind), or you could just pay a visit to your local library.

G.K. Chesterton @ChestertonUP

Ernest Hemingway @_Hemingway_

Jack Kerouac @DailyKerouac

C.S. Lewis @CSLewisDaily

Herman Melville @MelvilleQuotes

George Orwell @OrwellQuotes

Edgar Allan Poe @Edgar_Allan_Poe

William Shakespeare @ShakespeareSays & @Wwm_Shakespeare

J.R.R. Tolkien @TolkienQuote

Leo Tolstoy @TolstoySays

Mark Twain @MarkTwainQuote

Oscar Wilde @Wit_of_Wilde

If you’re looking for more quotatious Twitter accounts to follow, check out my list of Twitter accounts for poetry lovers.